When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you want to feel assured you’re getting the best care in the right place. At HHC, we have provided compassionate and top-quality cancer care to patients and their families for over 50 years.

It’s important to detect cancer early when treatment has the best chance for a cure. We work with primary care and specialty physicians to help you learn steps you can take to prevent cancer and what to watch for to help detect it.

The HHC Difference

  • Our interdisciplinary health care team provides care programs specific to your cancer diagnosis. Our advanced technologies and treatment regimens are supported by education, genetic counseling, prevention, and rehabilitation.
  • HHC is able to administer chemo treatments at the Henderson Community Hospital, saving you a trip out of town.
  • Our team includes board-certified oncologists, an oncology certified nurse, and a dietitian.

Education and Support

We believe that being informed about your diagnosis and receiving support during your journey with cancer are important parts of your treatment. There is no way to eliminate all of the emotions, worries and uncertainties of a cancer diagnosis, but when you speak with others who have experienced similar feelings you can often gain insight and the strength needed during this unexpected time in your life.

Nutrition Services

A healthy lifestyle is extremely important when you have cancer. Food is one of the few things you can be in control of during your treatment. Our registered dietitian is available to assess your nutritional needs and to develop a personalized program to improve your health before, during and after treatment.

Palliative Care

Palliative care addresses the emotional, physical, practical, and spiritual issues of cancer. This care is provided from the time of diagnosis and throughout the course of illness. A specialist will walk you through these services, allowing you the care you need for both mind and body.


We offer access to physical therapy and occupational therapy rehabilitation services. Cancer rehabilitation helps a person with cancer obtain the best physical, social, psychological, and work-related functioning during and after cancer treatment. The goal of rehabilitation is to help a person regain control over many aspects of their lives and remain as independent and productive as possible. Rehabilitation can be valuable to anyone with cancer and those recovering from cancer treatment.

Our Oncology Specialty Providers

Dr. Mehmet Sitki Copur

Dr. Ryan Ramaekers