Telehealth Services

For family medicine practices, the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare to other efficient and effective ways for patients to focus on their health, wellness, and disease prevention. One of those is telehealth. This method has allowed practices to maintain continuity of care with patients and, in some cases, engage new patients. Henderson Health Care and Sutton Family Practice have found telehealth to be a powerful tool in promoting quality of care and offering convenient, routine care across a broad range of cases in family medicine. Telehealth also allows improved coordination with specialists outside of our practice.

Henderson Health Care Services continues to utilize telehealth services in a number of areas from routine checkups in the clinic, to specialty clinic appointments with some of the most renowned specialists in not only Nebraska, but the United States. In late 2020, HHCS added four telehealth-specific specialty clinics: endocrinology, neurology, diabetology, and nephrology to our already impressive slate of specialty clinics services.

It has become clear that demand for telehealth services will be present for the foreseeable future. In order to meet that demand, HHCS will continue to expand our services to fit our patient’s needs with quality, convenience, and patient satisfaction as our priority. Patients looking for more information regarding telehealth services or those interested in receiving healthcare via telehealth appointment, can contact us at (402) 723-4512.