Visitor Information

Visitor Information

Family and friends provide important emotional support to patients and are valued partners in our care team. That’s why HHC encourages the presence and participation of families, other partners, and visitors in our patients’ care.

Open, Flexible Visiting Hours

HHC has open visiting hours: visitors are welcome 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We strive to balance open visitation with our patients’ needs for a quiet, restful and safe environment. For the well-being of our patients, there may be times when we need to temporarily limit visitation, and when these situations occur, we will fully inform patients and their loved ones. We will work with you to come up with a visitation plan that best meets your needs.

Maternity Patients

We encourage patient’s family members and friends to take part in the birthing experience in our spacious Birthing Center. The number of visitors allowed during labor varies with each situation and is determined by the health care providers in collaboration with the patient. Visitors may also wait in the family waiting room. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult, other than the patient.     

To protect a newborn from colds and infectious diseases, we recommend that children other than siblings do not visit and that visitors are limited.

Guarded Patients and Hospice Patients

For patients with a condition identified as “guarded” and for hospice patients, 24-hour visitation privileges are permitted.

Overnight Visits

One family member, support partner, or visitor may stay overnight with the patient in the patient room unless the presence will impact upon the need for privacy and rest of a roommate or other patients on the nursing unit. The nursing staff will determine the needs of all patients when making arrangements and allowances for overnight presence. If you are unable to stay in the patient’s room, the nursing staff can direct you to the nearest waiting area.

Visitor Accommodations

Here are some helpful numbers if you are visiting from out of town:

The Petal Pusher Floral & Gifts, 946 N. Main, Henderson - (402) 723-5223
Central Valley Ag – Henderson, 1101 14th St., Henderson -(402) 723-4438
Henderson Pharmacy, 1060 N. Main, Henderson - (402) 723-4475
Cornerstone Bank, 916 N. Main, Henderson - (402) 723-4786
Henderson State Bank, 1040 N. Main, Henderson - (402) 723-4441
Subway Sandwich Shop, 905 Road B, Henderson - (402) 723-5470
Bethesda Mennonite Church, 930 16th Street, Henderson - (402) 723-4562
Crossroads Bible Fellowship, 1002 Road B, Henderson - (402) 723-4958
Faith Evangelical Bible Church, 740 S. Main, Henderson - (402) 723-5888
Living Hope Church, 1201 11th Street, Henderson - (402) 723-5845
Henderson Foodmart, 1024 North Main Street, Henderson - (402) 723-4457

Several hotels are located in York, NE, 12 miles east of Henderson off interstate 80.