Diabetes Education Class

Diabetes Self-Management Education Classes will be held at Henderson Health Care beginning October 18, 2018.

Attend all 4 classes to receive information on:
- Overview of diabetes
- Management of blood sugars
- Prevention of complications
- Carbohydrate counting
- Lipid management
- Stress management
- Sick days
- Exercise
- Medications

Each class should take 1 hour.

If interested, an individual appointment is required before the first class begins.

To schedule, please contact Ashley Freeman, RD, LMNT at (402) 723-4008.

Clean Slate Healthy Weight Program

Having trouble getting your weight loss journey started? Beginning in March, join Ashley Freeman, RD, LMNT each week on her new weight-loss podcast/program, Clean Slate Healthy Weight! This program is designed to help you change your mental perspective on weight loss and give you the tools for long-term weight-loss success. 

The cost for the 12-week Clean Slate Healthy Weight program is $99 and will include your own hardcover copy of The Mayo Clinic Diet, weekly email material, and in-person one-on-one sessions with Ashley. Our next program will begin in the fall of 2022. View our overview video below to see if Clean Slate Healthy Weight is for you!